Improve Your Business Communication Skills Today!

Often times we find ourselves caught up in achieving “results” in our business and lose the human element in our day to day lives. Improving business communication skills skills are an important way of keeping in touch with the people in our day to day lives that have an impact on the “results” we are so tirelessly seeking.

There are a lot of courses and facilitators out there who offer solutions to improving this critical skill but why not get right to the point and seek the people who are passionate and practice what they preach?

This post is dedicated to Nancy Milton, whom I have grown accustomed to hearing since I started following her through youtube and twitter. She is full of insightful tidbits that can sometimes change the course of your day or just set the tone for beginning your day. A lot of the stuff is original and her own but her retweets and reposts of others who offer similar information in the industry are also incredibly insightful and an important element for myself when it comes to being a better listener and overall better communicator.

This is favorite video of mine “Business Communication Skills Tip” from Nancy Milton. This video is about using compliments to get others to do what you want. I really don’t think she would want me to explain the video that way-or in those words but it really its just that! If you are in the office what better way to get people to help you out that by way of compliments! It works on me ALL the time!

The art of communicating is not a lost form, but a necessary skill in the world of business. Most leaders are not born ready for success and readily equipped with the tools it requires to form teams of people behind them in a common purpose. Many of these skills are learned from awareness, trail and error or taught to them by other leaders or those in the know. It is very common in todays business environment to hire facilitators to bring companies together for a more synergetic and cooperative experience. The happier the employees, the more productive the company.

Facilitators are those who will show up to a company, learn about the business and how employees interact with each other. They can then come up with ways to improve communication between employees, managers and executives to unify the company so that no one feels alienated from one another.

Different departments and different levels exist in many corporations where employees don’t have direct contact with one another. By arming the employees with better communication skills this in effect unifies the departments and creates a better work flow, happier environment and ultimately a more productive company.

Nancy Milton has a great channel on youtube with wonderfully helpful hints on ways to improve your executive leadership development skills and loads of communication development tools. Check out her site at to open up a whole new world of tools and courses available to your business!

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